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Weddings in the winter have become more popular over the past few years, as well as winter bridal showers. More and more couples are choosing to skip the usual “summer” wedding and choosing to make their wedding more unique. A winter wedding is exceptionally romantic and beautiful and is the perfect time for a winter bridal shower. Don’t forget about a bridal shower poem.

Winter Bridal Shower Decorations

The colors of winter, blues and whites, are easy to coordinate with winter bridal shower decorations. Here are some tips for decorations for your winter bridal shower.

Give the illusion of ice by using paper and cloth with a shimmering finish.
Bring in the non-melting icicles. Spray paint dead tree branches stark white. They are the perfect addition in place of flowers. Add candles to the centerpiece.
Snowflakes are perfect for a winter bridal shower. Light up snowflake votive candles. Place them on the tables as elegant centerpieces. These would be a perfect accent to the icicles.
Add a snowflake cake topper to the cake.
Mittens and snowflakes symbolize winter months. Hang garland of mittens around the tables and hang snowflakes from the ceiling.
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Here are some more bridal shower decoration ideas that are easy on the budget.

Winter Bridal Shower Games
Entertain the bride-to-be and her guests with some fun and simple winter bridal shower themed games. Turn traditional bridal shower games into winter bridal shower games by simply making a few minor changes.

Pin the Nose on the Snowman – Use tape and give each person a nose. Be sure to blindfold them so they cannot cheat!
Winter Wonderland Crossword Puzzle – Simply create a crossword puzzle with answers geared towards weddings and winter.
Wedding Couple Trivia – This is always fun. Come up with some fun questions for the guests to answer. It is always nice to include questions about the groom, as there will likely be people from his side of the family at the bridal shower. Make sure to get accurate answers before the shower. To turn it into a winter trivia, simply pass out sheets of paper that are in the shapes of winter icons, such as mittens, sleds, snowflakes, etc.
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Don’t forget to hand out those bridal shower prizes!!

Winter Bridal Shower Food
There are many ideas you can have for food and bridal shower punch recipes at a winter bridal shower. Chocolate is an all time favorite. What would be better at a winter bridal shower than a hot chocolate bar! Indulge the bride-to-be and warm up her guests with a mug of hot chocolate. Don’t stop there. The fun begins when the guests are able to create amazing mixes with sweet toppings.

Turn it into a bar. Brew up the hot chocolate and put it in a large coffee urn to keep it warm. Then simply set out the wonderful sweet toppings below:

Caramel syrup
Cinnamon sticks
Vanilla powder
Whipped cream
Shaved chocolate
Mini marshmallows

Other winter party food ideas include:

Winter themed cookies – mittens, snowflakes, snowmen, etc
Cupcakes topped with winter themed confetti candies
White chocolate mints in winter shapes
Chili Bar – Onions, Cheese, Green Peppers, etc
Chili cheese dip and chips

Winter bridal parties have many possibilities. Get creative. The guest of honor will love whatever you put together and will appreciate your “hard” work at trying to give it a winter theme!

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