World Cup Party Checklist

Your World Cup party could be where some people choose to watch the biggest event in four years. Billions of people will be watching the big match in June. This year’s World Cup will be in South Africa. How will you make the World Cup experience one to remember? If you are like most people, you will not be one that will be catching a plane to South Africa; however, you could create a World Cup party experience that will make your guests “feel” as if they are right there watching the big match in person.

It is important to make plans ahead of time. We have created a World Cup Party Checklist to help you plan your party without missing any important steps. We have also created articles to give you a few World Cup party ideas.

World Cup Party Checklist
– World Cup Party Invitations – There are a variety of World Cup party invitations you can send. Let your creative juices flow and make up your own invitations. Simply create football cards or tickets similar to those given at the World Cup. Your guests could bring that ticket to your World Cup party for a chance to win a prize. Be sure to send your invitations at least two weeks in advance; however, do not send them out too early as people tend to forget.
– World Cup Party Theme – A theme will be what makes your World Cup party different from any of the other parties going on. There are many different themes that can be tied into the World Cup. You could choose to have a more traditional football theme, or you could transform your home into a World Cup Party Safari or a World Cup Party Stadium. No matter what you decide, be sure to include football related items at your party. For ideas on a World Cup Safari or World Cup Stadium party, see our article, “World Cup Party Themes.”
– World Cup Party Decorations – Whether you have a specific theme, or you just want to keep it as a football theme, you will need decorations to create a unique atmosphere to watch the match. For some World Cup party decorations that can be used at any World Cup party, see our article, “World Cup Party Decorations.”
– Seating at your World Cup Party – Don’t forget to provide enough seating for the amount of guests you have invited. Throw down some pillows or bean bags on the floor for extra seating.
– World Cup Party Snacks and Drinks – Provide football related foods. For some fun ideas for soccer style foods, see our article, “World Cup Party Snack Ideas.” Be sure to have all kinds of drinks available that are alcoholic, non-alcoholic, and kid friendly.
– Games – While the big match will be enough entertainment for the adults attending your World Cup party, you can still make the game a little more interesting with some fun drinking games that will get your guests interacting without taking too much attention from the match. For some fun drinking games, see our article, “World Cup Party Drinking Games.” If kids will be at your World Cup party, it will be a good idea to keep them entertained. For some ideas to keep the children entertained, see our article, “World Cup Party Tips for Entertaining the Kids”

If you follow this World Cup party checklist, you will be that much closer to hosting the World Cup party of the year!

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