You’re Never too Old for a Fun Birthday Party

Birthdays are special days for all people. No matter how old a person gets, a birthday is a day to feel appreciated and loved. They are also an opportunity to reflect on past milestones. Although getting older is not always appreciated, birthdays should be embraced and celebrated. Since everyone enjoys feeling loved and celebrating with friends and family, no one is too old for a fun birthday party.

Over the Hill Party

The Over the Hill themed party is a favorite of many. Getting someone to laugh about getting older is the idea. The party planner basically turns the surroundings into an exaggerated day of mourning. Black streamers and cardboard tombstones adorn the party site. Guests bring gag gifts such as canes and identification tags that help the birthday person laugh at the prospect of getting old.

Forever Young Party
This party theme is a variation of the over the hill theme, but the humor lies in all the things people go through to stay young. The party site is decorated with colorful balloons or streamers. Pictures of ads for exercise equipment, liposuction, vitamins, and other products used to help people stay young should be strewn about.

Guests bring gag gifts that offer the hope of staying young forever. Health magazines, vanishing creams, Metamucil are just a few of the many possibilities.

Déjà vu Party
Another fun party is one that takes the birthday person back in time.

One possibility is returning to school days. Invite old high school friends and treat this party much like a reunion. Decorate the hall with school colors and ask your guests to tell stories about times shared with the birthday individual. Be sure to display pictures of events that happened during those high school years. Everyone will enjoy reliving those happy moments when they were so full of life. You may even be able to rent the school gym. Just think about how much fun it would be to decorate the gym like it was for the senior prom.

Another possibility is to take them back to their sports days. Invite old teammates and listen to them reminisce of times when they had more energy than sense. You could even have the guests wear their old uniforms or shirts with the teams name on it. Old game videos would be an excellent source of entertainment, and if the coach is still around, the plays would love to visit with him/her.

Favorite Sport Birthday
Creating a party that centers on a person’s favorite sport is an excellent idea. Arrange for the person to attend a ballgame with several good friends. If the person loves golf, then create a golf outing for the birthday person and a few friends.

Party participants can always return to your home or another designated site to continue the celebration, or you may choose to keep everything simple by making reservations at the birthday person’s favorite restaurant where no decorating is necessary.

Planning a birthday party for an adult can be as simple or as complicated as you choose. Keep in mind that birthday celebrations for adults need to be a celebration of love. If you surround the adult with people he/she loves, rest assured he/she will love the party you planned.

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